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Get Your Dyngus On!

April 6, 2009


Well, you may be able to pick up the required Dyngus Day pussy willow branches at Buffalo’s famous Broadway Market, but you’ll need to stop into Elmwood’s Spoiled Rotten to pick up one of the celebration’s preferred tshirts.

There’s the classic Celebrate Buffalo I Love Buffalo Polish style (pictured left), which decorates the classic unisex tee as well as girls cut tees,  hoodies (at 25% off) and pint glasses.  But this year we also have the hot new Polska tee with its super cool depiction of the White Eagle of Poland (pictured right).   Modern and stylish, this isn’t your grandma’s favorite Dyngus Day tshirt.  Rumor has it we may be getting a shipment of other new styles just right for getting your Dyngus on–we’ll keep you posted.

For more information about Buffalo’s unique Dyngus Day celebration, check out these sites: Dyngus Day Buffalo and Broadway-Fillmore Alive.


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